Independent Advice For Advanced Planning and Life Insurance

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Our Expertise

Ensure a secure future for you and your loved ones with advanced life insurance solutions.

Advanced Planning

Catalyst coordinates estate, wealth transfer and life insurance planning for high-net-worth clients, deploying best practices from a specialized network of experts.

Business Protection

Protect assets, reduce risk and plan taxes through life insurance for retirement and succession planning in the absence of funded buy-sell agreements and key person incentives.

Family Protection

Life insurance on key providers can ease the financial burden of losing a household manager, protecting a family from the risks associated with such a loss.

What you'll get from Catalyst

Gain financial clarity and peace of mind with advanced planning and life insurance.

Catalyst advanced planning services help individuals and families protect their family legacy for today and in the future. 


Services include wealth transfer, asset protection, estate planning, and risk management.


We work closely to create a plan that aligns with your goal and engages all of the current advisors to make sure we are all working together.  Achieve financial clarity and piece of mind with Catalyst Advisory.

What you can avoid with Catalyst

Pressure to purchase unnecessary products

Life Insurance can be complicated and it can be difficult to differentiate good advice from a sales pitch.  Advisors at Catalyst will always be independent and never beholden to quotas.


Relationships matter.  We've found that giving good advice, regardless of compensation, serves our partners and clients well and leads to Catalyst growing with the right relationships.


There is never pressure to purchase unnecessary products.


Catalyst helped our family of dealerships with our buy-sell needs.  We worked with Steven and his team to make sure we have the right structure before focusing on the right coverage amounts.  Their independent approach made sure that each partner was matched with a policy and carrier that was the best fit.  

Owner/ VP & CMO

Catalyst helped us replace our policies with new coverage that costs less and extended our term by 8 years.  I was able to take advantage of an underwriting program that didn't even require an exam!


I can partner with anyone I want in the industry.  Catalyst is my choice for advanced planning and business protection cases because they truly collaborate with me and the other advisors that surround the client.  Working together enhances my practice and allows me to focus on what I do best while knowing that I have a partner I can trust.

Ryan Stang
CEO of Stang Insurance Consulting

We are a fiduciary advisory firm that is serious about providing the best advice to our clients as possible. We partner with Catalyst because they have consistently shown that they will give great advice to our clients even though it doesn’t always lead to new business for their firm. They are willing to be in the background and give us an analysis that we can use with our clients or be client facing if we’d like them to. Catalyst Advisory is my go to resource for life insurance advice for my client’s.

Fiduciary Advisor
St Louis MO

Independent Advice for Advanced Planning and Life Insurance

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